Property Sourcing

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Investor Services


Finding the right type of property in the right location


Having it refurbished to the right standard


Finding good tenants (or a buyer if you’re selling)


Controlling and managing the property throughout your ownership.

Be a savvy property investor!

Why do you want to invest in property?

Get some extra Income now? Boost your retirement fund? Retire early?

We source properties for investors. We source HMO and Buy-To-Let rental property and renovation projects. This includes a thorough search, carrying out viewings and comparing available properties.

A truly professional property investment service

Getting property investment wrong can cost significant amounts of money.

Asking us to source investment properties on your behalf will save you time and money in what can sometimes be a complicated process.

What do you want to achieve from your property investments in the next 3, 5 or 10 years?

You have several strategies to choose from:

  • Buy-To-Let: expect a predictable rental income with the opportunity for capital growth. This is a lower risk strategy preferred by experienced and first-time investors alike.
  • Houses of multiple occupation (HMOs): a strong cash flow opportunity from larger deals many investors prefer.
  • Serviced accommodation: investors are attracted by the opportunities for high cash flow, even though this strategy may be more time intensive.
  • Buy To Sell (flip): the potential to raise larger sums of money in less time.
  • Property development: interesting and creative new build or conversion projects experienced investors love.

Let’s work together to put your plans into action.

How we help you

When you ask us to work with you, we’ll give you an online platform showcasing the properties available. You’ll get photographs with sale and rental figures and a comparison of similar properties in the area.

We work with a network of reliable property specialists at each stage in the buying, selling and letting process – estate agents, letting agents, solicitors and building contractors. Maintaining good relationships is key.

When you’re letting, you want tenants to move in as soon as possible. We work fast to organise the refurbishment work and get tenants ready to move in quickly, reducing the time the property is vacant.