Property Management

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Expert property management

You know that effective management will protect your investment.

The people living in, working on and providing services for it will be committed to taking proper care of it.

You could do this on your own, but we’ll take most of the risk away.

  • Avoid dodgy tenants because we’ll select the best ones.
  • No fly-by-night contractors because we only use the ones in our trusted network.
  • We always use the best agents who will make sure your property is managed as smoothly as possible.

Each one will make a positive difference to your investment in the long term.

The complete ‘hands-off, no hassle’ property management service


Here’s what we think. We believe in you – our investor landlord. You’ve worked hard to invest in Buy To Let. The hard graft is now over. You should now be focusing either on your primary source of income or enjoying your retirement. You didn’t choose the world of property investment in order to have your daily life disrupted by the hassles of property management.

These are the principles on which we base our work – which is why, at Donelan Property, we are committed to carrying out, on your behalf, the entire property management process. Our aim is to protect and maintain your investment, for the long term.

What was your to-do list from hell becomes our 100% proactive commitment to your property investment. From advertising your property and carrying out rigorous tenant checks, through to managing the minutiae of maintenance – we arrange the lot.

How we help you

For many Buy To Let landlords, it’s maintenance that gives them the most grief. Not with us at your side.

We take all the maintenance and repair calls. With urgent issues, we get the problem fixed immediately. Where necessary, we get quotes and organise the work accordingly.

We only ever use tried and trusted contractors. Experience tells us that this is the only way to work.

We move swiftly and systematically to get all maintenance issues fixed – quickly.

The complete, no-worry property management service

You’ve worked hard for your investment opportunity. Now’s the time to leave the donkey work to the property management experts. After all – don’t you have better things to do?