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general questions

The reasons our people choose to use a property sourcer is usually becasue of 3 things. Time, Knowledge, and Proximity. A lot of people want to invest in property but just don’t have the time needed around their busy schedules to find suitable properties, then go along to viewings and do all the due diligence afterwards. A good sourcer will do all of that for you. They may not know what they’re looking for, how to find it, or what to look out for and how to calculate if it’s a good investment or not. Property investing is a great way to invest your money, however, there are many ways in which it can go wrong. Using an expert who has the knowledge of the local area in which you’re looking is invaluable. The final reason is proximity, a lot of investors don’t invest in the area they live. A lot of investors live miles away or even overseas and can’t just jump in the car to go to a viewing. Sourcers also usually have relationships with local agents and professionals, and so will get deals sent through to them before they are ever on the market.


We act for the buyer, whereas an estate agent acts for the seller. Our job is to find the right property for the buyer. We will do that by going to multiple estate agents, searching the sales platforms and doing our own marketing and getting sellers coming direct to us.

Our focus is very much on you as the client. Our role is to find you the investments you’re looking for but aren’t able to find yourself. Our sourcers will find out what it is that you’re looking for and then go out to find that. We will do all the viewing and provide you with an investment pack with with our findings for only the investments we feel fill your needs. Unlike estate agents or many other sourcing agents, we source to order, so we don’t hold a stock of investments that we want to convince you of just to sell them. We try to give you the whole and honest picture on any investment, then its just on you to make the decision!

We differ from other sourcers in a number of ways, the two main differences for us is 1) we source directly for our clients. We go out to find what it is they’re looking for and not the other way around. A lot of property sourcers search for properties and then will try to find an investor to buy that property, we do it the other way around. We also work with a lot of sourcers who do source that way, so it’s not a case of the right or wrong way of doing it, they’re just different. 2) What really makes us different is how much we stress a deal to make sure that it stacks up for you. We do our best to take every conceivable cost into account when finding you an investment so that the numbers we show you are hopefully a worst case scenario. 3) We also cover multiple areas so it gives us a much bigger scope of properties and opportunities that are right for our clients.

We source anything within reason but our main focus are buy to let properties, small HMOs and small developments and conversions.

We search the whole of market to find properties for our clients. So we search the online platforms such as Rightmove and Zoopla, just like you would, but we also contact estate agents directly and work with a lot of other property sourcers and property developers. We also get a lot of properties sent to us directly to sell from vendors. We always make sure that they’re aware that you’re our client though and not them. Sometimes they’re happy with that and just want a quick sale, and sometimes they’re not so we recommend one of our local estate agents to look after them.

We will source whatever the client is looking for but we tend not to search for new builds as a lot of the time they don’t stack up for what our investors are looking for.