Property Refurb Experts

Your properties refurbished to the highest standard so you attract better tenants.

We’ll manage the builders and everything else for you

We work exclusively with a reliable network of property specialists and building contractors to help you through the ‘buy, refurbish, let’ process.

Whether you’re in the North West or not, we’ll save you time and money by organising quotes for the refurbishment work, managing it to.

Leaving you to spend your time on other things, safe in the knowledge your property is being refurbished properly, protecting your investment for the long term.

As soon as the property is bought, we’ll let the building contractors know we’ll be collecting the keys, meet them on site and get to work straight away.

Great communication is the key to finishing on time


We’ll stay in touch with everyone working on the project to make sure it runs smoothly.  

So when it’s completed and available to let, we can arrange for tenants to move in without unnecessary – and costly – delay.